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Our Mission

The Carolina Applied Informatics Research (CAIR) Lab is a research team made of members who have a passion for improving technological aspects in the medical field.  These interests cover a broad range of topics in health informatics but are concentrated into three areas:

  • Electronic Health Record Usability with the aim on improving EHRs from a practical perspective
  • Teleconsent with the aim of recruiting patients to clinical trials in a way that is more convenient for the patients
  • Telemedicine with the aim of using technology to give more patients access to better health care

Members of this team are undergraduate students, graduate students, doctoral fellows, and faculty of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.  Led by Dr. Saif Khairat, the CAIR team is working to improve the practice of medicine in new and exciting ways every day.


For a list of our published work, please click here.